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Reusing some existing java code in my xpage application now that who is asking is important

I’m not sure what I should have called this little tip but Imagine the scenario: I have a lot of code I’ve already written and packaged up as a servlet which interacts with Notes/Domino and creates a session using it’s own

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Thanks Bruce Elgort!

Once upon a time I had an idea for a site where we might, in a small way, do for BlackBerry what openNTF had done for Notes & Domino, that was (some kind of Japanese backup company uses the

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Quick tip: Openlog and the Field is too large (32k) POS.

Openlog is great. The work Paul Withers, Tim Tripcony, Nathan T Freeman, and Julian Robichaux have done in making it available for us to use in our Java programs is great too. Sadly the “Field is too large …..” error

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OSGi development from Connect 2013

Paul Fiore has been good enough to share his Show112 slides from Connect 2013. So if you want to know how to set up Eclipse to develop OSGi plugins these slides will really help.

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A visit to the Cambridge Science Centre

A half Term visit to the Cambridge Science Centre

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So you want your Servlet to get an authenticated session from Domino

It seems a like a pretty fundamental question, in a running Servlet I want to access Domino resources that I have wisely protected using the the very fine security of IBM Notes and Domino. I want the Servlet to be able to

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