Thanks Bruce Elgort!

Once upon a time I had an idea for a site where we might, in a small way, do for BlackBerry what openNTF had done for Notes & Domino, that was (some kind of Japanese backup company uses the URL now).

RIM wasn’t terribly interested (or keen to let me use but that’s another story.

Lotusphere was on the horizon and I wanted to get something up and running really quick so when I cheekily contacted Bruce to ask if I could steal the openNTF templates and skin them for my purposes I anticipated a polite no.  

What I got was something different.  Not only did Bruce get me the templates but he marshaled help from other openNTF stalwarts when I had questions.  Clearly demonstrating Bruce’s consistent commitment to the ideals of openNTF Bruce made the difference between openCOD being born in time for Lotusphere and not. He’s always had time for me from that day to this. 

Over the years we’ve chatted and I’ve come to admire him.  We have something more in common now; I trained as a school teacher and ended up in IT and now he’s teaching.  I’d like to imagine that Bruce’s skill as a drummer has helped him develop his impeccable timing; going from success to success in IT and now moving into his new career.

So congratulations on your many achievements Professor Elgort! More power to your elbow (which is probably now covered by a nice leather patch over a tweed jacket 🙂 ). 



* I also owe Bill Buchan a debt of thanks for hosting openCOD and for Declan Lynch’s help when I developed the original openCOD project BBMetaBlog.



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