A couple of quick tips: The Domino Debug Plugin & Eclipse

Because of the security issues that apply to Servlets created with an NSF* I’ve started to develop a new Servlet as an OSGi plugin.

The slide deck from SHOW112 at Lotusphere 2012 (Presented by David Taieb, Paul Fiore and Elizabeth Sawyer) is an invaluable resource btw. I’ve been trying to find a link to the presentation on Slideshare or one of the presenters blogs and I haven’t found one yet.  I’ll try to find one or ask if any of the presenters would share it.

Anyway I needed to install the debug plugin (the 7 Feb 2012 release from here). I downloaded the zip and followed the doc and could get Eclipse to see the software.  Won’t bore you with what I tried but I was close.


Consider installing/upgrading to a later version of Eclipse (that’s tip #1).  I’m using Juno SR1 now after plodding on with Helios in the mistaken belief that I needed to use a older version of Eclipse for the XPages SDK for Eclipse RCP to work.  Nathan Freeman says that Juno SR1 fixes the bug that required you to reselect your target platform each time you started Eclipse.

To install the plugin**

Download the Zip, and Extract it;

In Eclipse click the help menu and choose “Install new software”


In the next dialog click Add, give the new software a name and click Local.


Find the folder where you unzipped the plugin and drill down to the updatesite folder, click on OK and OK.


Select the plugin software in the categori(s|z)ed list and follow the remainder of the documentation.

* see https://8b30b0.wordpress.com/2013/02/08/so-you-want-yo…on-from-domino/

** Thanks to Serdar Başeğmez

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