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OSGi development from Connect 2013

Paul Fiore has been good enough to share his Show112 slides from Connect 2013. So if you want to know how to set up Eclipse to develop OSGi plugins these slides will really help.

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OpenLogging from an OSGi Servlet

Further to the last post on OpenLog which works nicely for Servlets that are contained within an NSF.  What if you want to use OpenLog in your OSGi Plugin Servlet? If you follow the instructions in the previous post but

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Adding logging to your Servlet or DOTS task (By Borrowing Code)

I have to thank  Paul Withers, Nathan T. Freeman & Tim Tripcony for the core of this article because they created the Logging Class I steal, borrow and hack modify.  I have to thank the very great Julian Robichaux (and Rob McDonagh who

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A visit to the Cambridge Science Centre

A half Term visit to the Cambridge Science Centre

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A couple of quick tips: The Domino Debug Plugin & Eclipse

Because of the security issues that apply to Servlets created with an NSF* I’ve started to develop a new Servlet as an OSGi plugin. The slide deck from SHOW112 at Lotusphere 2012 (Presented by David Taieb, Paul Fiore and Elizabeth

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So you want your Servlet to get an authenticated session from Domino

It seems a like a pretty fundamental question, in a running Servlet I want to access Domino resources that I have wisely protected using the the very fine security of IBM Notes and Domino. I want the Servlet to be able to

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Creating a Servlet for IBM Domino

Another tool in your Web Development toolbox… Over a few posts I’m going to build a Servlet in Java and deploy it on a Domino server and progressively make it do more useful things. The next few posts will cover:

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Creating a basic Domino Servlet

All of the code will be provided in a database I have to figure out how to make it available since free accounts don’t allow the storing of zip files.  Perhaps I could share a Dropbox folder? If you’ve

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